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Poker Blitz Press Release

Engaging Video Poker that Breaks the Mold: Announcing Poker Blitz

June 4, 2012: Shockfun Entertainment is proud to announce the launch of its first iOS title, Poker Blitz (

Having concentrated development in the Windows Phone marketplace, Poker Blitz on iOS opens up a new avenue for Shockfun to get their game titles in the hands of a much larger audience.

Poker Blitz pushes the typically mundane video poker experience to the next level with dynamic graphics, fluid animations, and real casino sounds. It does all of this while still allowing the player to play hands at a rapid pace. Poker Blitz is the first video poker title to feature a ‘Coach Mode’. In ‘Coach Mode’, fictitious coach ‘Les Vegas’ will instruct you what the optimal hand is to play based on the game type you are playing and the cards you are dealt. Under Les’ tutelage, you will soon be a video poker veteran. Poker Blitz includes a total of six unlockable game types. In addition, Poker Blitz features ‘Streak Mode’. As you put together a streak of consecutive winning hands, you will unlock bonus multipliers that apply to various hands. If your streak goes to five-in-a-row, you will get an extra ‘draw’ which will allow you to push your winnings to the next level!

“Our stated goal is to produce the most complete gaming experiences in our chosen genres,” promised Shockfun Entertainment’s lead developer, Tyler Schacht, “and Poker Blitz represents that goal for our iPhone and iPod Touch audience. Poker Blitz is the highest rated video poker game on the Windows Phone Marketplace. This iOS version represents the same engaging gameplay, but with new additions such as enhanced graphics and advanced statistics tracking.”

As well as iAd support, Poker Blitz also features full GameCenter integration. Players will be able to share their scores on their GameCenter account as well as earn a variety of achievements. Future plans for Poker Blitz include Facebook integration so that users will be able to challenge their friends and tell everyone about their high scores.

Poker Blitz is a freemium title. The entire experience can be unlocked as the player succeeds in earning ‘bonus tickets’. If the player would like to unlock content faster, there is the option of an In App Purchase.

Schacht again: “Shockfun Entertainment is excited to bring our highly regarded titles to the iOS platform. We look forward to our future with our new gamers!”

Game and Contact Information:

Poker Blitz is available for iPhone and iPod Touch on the appStore:

Shockfun Website:
Poker Blitz Website (includes trailer):
Poker Blitz Trailer (direct link):

For all questions regarding Poker Blitz and/or Shockfun Entertainment, please contact

About Shockfun Entertainment:

Shockfun Entertainment is a mobile applications development studio that is focused on the iOS and Windows Phone platforms. They have been producing titles since 2010. They can be reached by email at The company website is at

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